3d post production photoshop full workflow

3D Post Production FULL WORKFLOW

Your 3D Renders do not look Photorealistic?

No problem – this complete Post Production Workflow will get your images Realistic look in just half an hour of work!

I’ve been using this technique for over 4 years and it still produces really AMAZING results when it comes to photo real images.

Check it out here:

You might not get it right from the first time, and it also can take quite a while to assemble VRay passes – BUT if you keep practicing this method, eventually you’ll become good,  fast and more confidents in you workflow.

Try to assemble at least 20 images, by using this technique.

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VRay Video Tutorials DataBase

VRay Tutorials DataBase

Alright! I finally kicked my self in a butt and did it :P

OVER 50 VRay Video Tutorials – and 12 hours of recorded webinars – can be found HERE. I’m gonna add more to this list, so make sure to follow up in the future…

It’s a great please to serve these to you - And if you do like this selection of VRay Tutorials, please don’t forget to “Share it” with your friends :)

I’ll try to get the files and downloadable pdf’s under the videos ASAP – let me know if some downloads are missing..

So far this is one of the biggest sources for VRay Tutorials – and I’ll make sure to grow it till we cover every little aspect of Architectural visualization made with 3Ds Max, VRay and Photoshop with Plugins.

Thanks and ENJOY!

VRay interior night lighting

VRay Interior Night Setup

Very important to add lights gradually one by one, that’s the only way to know – how each light works! And how far it can lit your interior space.

Using Gamma 2.2 in your workflow can help to see mere detail in objects by making the entire scene have washed-out look. (Not completely washed out, but 15-20% lighter than the usual).

Remember one thing, it is much easier to remove contrast than to add it, therefore during the Night Scene Lighting Setup with VRay - make sure to have enough color depth to get the result you want. In other words – try not to over darken your scene, it will be hard to make it look well lighted.

You can also use VRay Color Correction Tool to get better understanding of your light behavior.

Hope you enjoyed those tips & Tricks for VRay Night Setup, and you can use them in your scenes.

Wish you good luck with your Night Renders!

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End of Tour

Amazing TRIP has come to it’s FINAL DESTINATION – MIAMI FLORIDA. I’ve met amazing people along the way some of them I knew for years but never had a chance to meet in person, and it’s been a great honor making this happened.

Hope I’ll get a chance to do this one more time :D

Complete Video of the TRIP is going to production stage now and should be out in few…

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More Cool VRay Stuff Coming Your Way!

Keep it Real
I’ll be staying in Miami for time being, if you around – don’t be a stranger ;)

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Take Advantage of SUMMER VOCATION!

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Perfect your Arch. Viz. Skills

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VRay Post Production android

VRay Post Production – Video Training Android App

Finally released this amazing for architects, interior designers and 3D artists that want to make realistic 3D Renders by using 3Ds max VRay & Photoshop with plugins!

Now your 3D Renders can look like REAL PHOTOs!

Follow this link to get this “Video Training App” Today!

It contains Over 20 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, 3Ds Max VRay Photoshop Manual…and much more.

Learn to be a PRO but using VRay Post Production Android APP


VRay Fur – Part 1

Use VRay Fur to create realistic Furry Carpet, Grass and Hair. This video tutorial will show you the basic parameters of VRayFur component inside 3Ds Max. This demonstration will show you useful functions for generations FUR and how you can change size, length and color of your hair.

Hope you like this basic demonstration – more advanced stuff coming out soon…
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VRay HDRI and VRay Dome light

Linking HDRI to VRayDome Light with 3Ds Max 2013

Additional control to your HDRI lighting can be made with this trick! If your VRay shadows appear to bright you can add VRay Dome Light and have better control over the shadows softness and spread.

I’ve learned this trick from Peter Guthrie blog, and want to thank him very much for sharing this “golden” piece of knowledge with all VRay community.

This method can be applied to VRay Interior and VRay Exterior Renders as one.

Alright hope you’ve enjoyed this video tutorial.

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The code for the wired rotation is:



Create realistic looking transparent object with VRay2SidedMtl.
This “2 sided material” will allow some light to pass through, that way your curtains will be used as diffuser to create soft ambient atmosphere inside interior space.

Check out this video tutorial that will teach you how to do it – Like a PRO!

You can also create many other translucent objects, such as; Leaves, Lamps, Cloth…etc.

If you have any questions or request – don’t hesitate to post them bellow.
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VRayGuide USA Tour

San Francisco -> Miami

Across the Country – Coast to Coast

20 Cities 10 States in 2 Weeks – Like a PRO!

If you’re located on this route, and you want to hang out with me and talk about VRAY – Contact me to book a session – or just to have a coffee:
email: vrayart.support@gmail.com
Phone: 408 306 0035
FB: www.facebook.com/vray.training

I’ll be visiting 10 different states within next 2 weeks:
California – Starting Route San Francisco
New Mexico
Florida – Final Desensitization Miami

Cities & Stops:
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego
Oklahoma City
New Orleans

Short URL of the route

Click to Enlarge
VRayGuide Route - USA TOUR

Thanks a lot for checking this out – hope to see you during my USA Tour!
Talk soon,